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1 avril 2014 2 01 /04 /avril /2014 19:18

Those that have come before 

   leave behind well-worn paths

Of knowledge to engage the unknown

   for those they have encountered


As an old man, he has acquired

   a tamed mind prepared to meet his fate

Knowing that the darkness will come

   as it does to all who have lived


It is a time in his life

   when fond memories smooth the mind

When the moonlight glows bright

   upon his withered white hair


A toothless mouth that still laughs with joy

   a face of wisdom in each wrinkle

Weathered hands of strength and gentleness

   an etched landscape of the universal soul.


Fernando Eros Caro

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Published by Comite de Soutien à Fernando E. Caro - dans Ses poèmes en anglais
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  • Comité de Soutien à Fernando E. Caro
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