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15 septembre 2009 2 15 /09 /septembre /2009 17:05

Perhaps because of too many years on death row, I have been comfortable with seeing myself as a lost cause. It is so easy to ignore my problems, and the problems of the outside world, by simply withdrawing into my small prison cell and make up selfish reasons to deny any guilt feelings. To try and convince myslef that I am sane, and the world is crazy.

In reality, humans are not crazy. We all have our own paths to walk, and we walk them as best we can. Naturally, all humans are a bit aggressive. Aggressiveness is a form of survival. Unless of course, a person is beaten physically and/or emotion­ally into submissiveness at a very young age.

I believe that throughout history, as a species, we all joined together in a vast social network, not to spread peace and light, but to create a higher power to keep us from killir.g each cthér. Of course, this has not always worked! Which leads me to believe that there is no higher power.

Yet, we continue to exist, despite ourselves. The soul refuses to die. Because of our egos, we place more value on our souls.

How often does a person even think of one's soul? Only when it is in jeopardy? Everytime we make a decision? Or, do we even care about our souls? Have we become so complacent that we com­pletely ignore our own souls?

No, if the soul was only an object, then we would just be an object. Statues with pigeon-shit all over.

Sot I sit in my cell, and during moments of focus, I understand my own value. People are not all crazy and the world is not all bad! And, that life is worth getting involved in!

Just keep moving forward in your lives. This way, you do not need to worry about pigeons!

Fernando Caro

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Published by Comite de Soutien à Fernando E. Caro - dans Articles & histoires de Fernando - textes originaux
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